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With respect to the Queen Kate Ajike Catherine Of Portugal implemented from (AD Henry The First High Commissioner Metropolitan Of Police and the Police , AD Army and President Of The territories His Excellency President King Kalu Kalu Ajike, Ohafia Egypt United Kingdom Of Great Britain , Prime}Minister Winston Churchill Kalu Ajike Kate Ugwunwa Patience, ‘The Crown, ‘The Queen: The Queen Of Sheba Jezebel Dinar Ajike. Eze-Nwanyi Elisheba Ajike in glory and faithfully to God, Eze-Nwanyi Sheba Ajike BC 8/8/98/26/8/98BC/ spring 2020/ Petrol and etc from November 2008 to establish the European Union and the November 2008 till date amendment of The The American Bill of Rights, myself President Of United States Of America and my i have been in office and my duties in my land that is my country and land of Great Warriors Ohafia, Nigeria in glory and faithfully to God and thank you Eze Kalu Ajike and his AD Salvation Army and within reference to my code of conduct my medical law AD midwives.

Within reference to BC/AD Doctor Wright Ajike, pending in the working post. Within reference to BC/AD Emmanuel Ajike, pending in the working post.

Good afternoon my people your international legal correspondence for my review has come to my attention i shall be in office soon but i have read all your over 300 inbox correspondence sent on this Law portal God bless you and thank you to thee that wrote in from Jerusalem yours was well received from me.

The Queen Of Sheba Patience Kate Ugwunwa Ajike

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